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A peaceful spring day :iconrespett:respett 1 0
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Sway :iconrespett:respett 3 4
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Happy birthday Noelle :iconrespett:respett 1 6
Happy birthday Sweetheart by respett Happy birthday Sweetheart :iconrespett:respett 2 2
More than friends Chp. 4
Lisa and I had been watching TV for hours Lisa even fell asleep after the first couple of hours leaving me alone in the big apartment that was Adam’s. I snuck free from her arm that was somehow ended over my shoulder and left the sofa wandering about in this clinically white space, it felt so weird, yet calming.
Monte had apparently come back while I was engulfed in the news, and was sitting in one of Adam’s leather chairs, “Hey” I whispered and pointed towards his sleeping wife, “Where are the kids?” I smiled sweetly at him, he seemed nice enough when you got to know him, and wasn’t stuck on some parking lot with his kids in your arms without his approval. A slight nod was his response to my greeting followed by a smile “You don’t have to lower your voice” he told me grinning, “When she sleeps, she hears ”Nothing” he emphasized nothing by raising his voice a little over the normal conversation volume.
:iconrespett:respett 3 7
Happy birthday Josephine
“Gimme some wa’er, you slow arrogant fuck” She drawled in a mock cockney accent, watching the british waiter from behind. He had a nice rear, she couldn’t deny that, but it felt like she’d seen it before, could it be she’d walked behind him on this trip to England? “I’ll be right with you love, please let me finish this order.” That voice was well known by her, but it must be her mind playing tricks, Tom Hiddelston wasn’t a freaking waiter, he’s an actor, a well known and loved one of the kind.
Starring at his rear while twirling a lock of hair around her finger, she sighed, it was her birthday and here she was, alone at a café table in the middle of London, starring at a man’s ass. He was certainly good looking, and the more she watched him, the more she remembered the scene of a young jogging Hiddles, in the BBC TV series, Suburban Shootout, but could it be him?
“’scuse me miss, may I sit here?
:iconrespett:respett 1 2
All the same
He inspected his brother closely, what had him so transfixed of him he didn’t know, but he didn’t pay much attention to it, his brother was for him and him only.
Most other Asgardians Told him to grow up, after what his brother did, after finding out what he really was,  he was the only one left still caring for him, so why couldn’t he just accept that they were in fact NOT brothers? Thor shrugged it off usually, but at times he almost felt they were right, after all Loki was a Jotun... a frost giant.
Slowly he approached his sleepy brother in the small glass cage; it looked similar to the one the avengers used, except this one was wielded with magic, keeping him securely locked in. From the looks of it, his fatigue from being controlled by Thanos hadn’t left his body at all, he looked so weary and weak, his eyes all sunken in and bloodshot, from lack of sleep he imagined. “Loki” he spoke quietly as to not startle his raven haired brother,
:iconrespett:respett 1 18
Happy birthday my love
”There you are” He snickered, looking the shaking girl over as she lay on the cold and rotten wooden floor. He raised his brows laughing mockingly “Whatever are you doing there?” He asked, bending over slightly to look her in the eyes, closely examining her expression as she caught on to who her follower was.
“YOU!?” She gasped jolting up to stand flat against the wall, her heart racing at the recognition of his face. Surely he couldn’t be standing there in front of her, why would he? What made her run in the first place, she wasn’t sure anymore. All she knew right now was that Loki, God of mischief was standing there in front of her. “Yes me! Are you disappointed,  is that it?” Loki took a few steps back, turning his back to her and huffed, “I can go if that’s what you want.. I guess I’m really not of interest anymore” He began to walk away slowly, a tall shadow taking his place, a shadow of a per
:iconrespett:respett 2 10
Sleeping beauty by respett Sleeping beauty :iconrespett:respett 1 10 Such a baby by respett Such a baby :iconrespett:respett 0 22 Daughter of snow by respett Daughter of snow :iconrespett:respett 0 4 Dressed up Tony by respett Dressed up Tony :iconrespett:respett 2 2 Dressed up Loki by respett Dressed up Loki :iconrespett:respett 4 17 Blame by respett Blame :iconrespett:respett 1 8
A Tricksters Imagination
Dark, lonely, cold. That was what Loki felt up in the room. It wasn't his realm and his 'sitter' was much more like himself than he liked to care for. Usually he just stayed in his room, shackles on his arms and that blasted muzzle on his mouth, but usually stopped a week ago.
The young blonde came up to his room, entering after he knocked and bowed slightly. Loki Liked that this mortal was so humble and polite, a trade he hadn't seen in mortals in years. He nodded his head as a welcome to the earthling, as much as he didn't like to admit it, he cared for this mortal. He was like a nicer version of him, Hel he even looked like him, except for the hair color and length. "I brought you some food" He sing sang with his beautiful accent. Loki starred at him angrily, what did he expect of him? To eat through the muzzle? "I've been thinking…" he started and smiled at Loki "I've gotten a new role for a movie… and" he paused looking slightly nervous. Loki sighed behind the muzzle and rolled hi
:iconrespett:respett 9 10
Loki and Freja by respett Loki and Freja :iconrespett:respett 2 10


Still alive by TheHellcow Still alive :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 57 8 black.philip by TheHellcow black.philip :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 22 4
Disturbed Mind
May 23, 2016
To those who may be reading this:
    In this piece, I shall tell you how mad I truly am. Though I would never act on them, I often play out how I would kill certain people in my head. Most of them are quick, but for those anger me, I imagine just dissecting them. The fucked up part about it is that I know exactly how to do it too. Just like how forensic pathologists can. However, I would keep them alive through the whole process.
       Please understand that I would never act upon such torturous acts, but, there days where I feel like I would lose control and just kill in the most horrible fashion. Yes, I am one very disturbed young woman. But I love things that dwell in the shadows. From a young age, I was taught to never fear what hides in the dark. I was taught that you learn to respect the creatures that dwell in the dark, they will leave you alone. But for me, I learn how to find those creatures and how to become
:iconladyxloki1994:LadyxLoki1994 1 3
Stork by TheHellcow Stork :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 12 9 DATALORE by LxiArt DATALORE :iconlxiart:LxiArt 16 0 Jin and Lars : At the Office.. by Tracey-san
Mature content
Jin and Lars : At the Office.. :icontracey-san:Tracey-san 25 42
Marked by JadenTheFangirl Marked :iconjadenthefangirl:JadenTheFangirl 2 18 Becoming Violet by TheHellcow Becoming Violet :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 11 12 Koge suppe paa dope by TheHellcow Koge suppe paa dope :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 12 1 Commission: Family Love by LxiArt Commission: Family Love :iconlxiart:LxiArt 1 0 I love u Ross by LxiArt I love u Ross :iconlxiart:LxiArt 123 28 If Markiplier was a Disney character.. by LxiArt If Markiplier was a Disney character.. :iconlxiart:LxiArt 72 2 The protectors of the big easy by LadyxLoki1994 The protectors of the big easy :iconladyxloki1994:LadyxLoki1994 2 3 Sisters of the night by LadyxLoki1994 Sisters of the night :iconladyxloki1994:LadyxLoki1994 4 3 Lordminion777 AKa Wade Barnes, sticker-art by LxiArt Lordminion777 AKa Wade Barnes, sticker-art :iconlxiart:LxiArt 3 0 Blut Und Ehre by TheHellcow Blut Und Ehre :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 25 3


Soooo it's been awhile...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 3, 2014, 5:30 AM
Hey guys, it's been awjile since I was 'really on' by that I mean active on here. I've come by to look at your works and comment some, but I simply haven't found the time to sit down with a computer and really, REALLY be here.
Since October 18th last year I've been in a relationship with my sweet angel :iconladyxloki1994: and being hers have really helped me see the more positive sides of life! I love her dearly :heart::iconrainbowheartplz: 

I've been meaning to draw some things and write some stories, but still haven't gotten around to that... There might come a BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) Fic at some point, if I find the mood to write, maybe even a Thorki fic!

I just want you all to know that I'm still here, and still care!!


  • Listening to: Adam Lambert
  • Drinking: Cola


Tess de Sade/ Depp lover
Me Being 'Enkli ita Kalma'

Hello I am me, who the hell are you?
I bring the words from the dead!

Self-proclaimed maniac!!!

Vampire name: Tess de Sadé
Pirate name and status: Captain Cathly Birdshaw (Daughter of Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann)
Alien name: (Alien)Tess

Let me belong here! Break my fall!!!

My lovely LORD(I) You've brought meaning to my life...but soon, I guess it won't be enough anymore....!
(Adam Lambert so ROX my world!!!:iconadamderpplz:)

I live only for:
Her books (Anne Rice)
Their music (Lordi, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Cassidy Haley & 'Stala &So')
And his movies!!! (Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddelston)

Groups I'm in xD:
:iconlee-chaolan-club: A group about the incredibly sexy, Lee Chaolan :love: Founded By my Best friend irl TheHellcow
:iconoldandstillgood: A lovely new group, made by krissar This is for all the oldies ;)
:iconkazuyaxlee: The name say it all :XD: Great group founded by KazuyaTek
:iconglamberts-unite: A group about the lovely rock-god, Adam Lambert :love: Founded by deneen990

My Glamily :heart:

:iconjadenthefangirl: My Lovely Glam-daughter :heart: Loves you sweetie!!
:iconladyxloki1994: My second Glam-daughter :D :heart: Love of my life :iconrainbowheartplz:

Current Residence: I belong nowhere
Favourite genre of music: Hard rock, rock
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Jack sparrow, Alucard, Loki
Personal Quote: ~Life is a facade. Hard to look trough and impossibel to keep forever.~


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